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Reaching a Deal

Stay Tough and Let Us Help Grow Your  Business

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”
― Robert Frost

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“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
― Bruce Lee


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When your company is ‘on the ropes’, changing the way things are done is not necessarily easy, but it is necessary.  You need the buy-in of investors, bankers, and management who want to keep familiar routines.  Corporate GPS, Inc. specializes in helping companies that find themselves in need of change but caught between competing, heavily-invested forces.  Our senior-level consultants work closely with key individuals in your organization, to build consensus and bring about change.

The Challenge

Generating process success comes from the transformation of inefficient and unproductive routines to highly optimized processes that emphasize growth targets and drive key business outcomes.  Our GPS team, armed with process-based tools, benchmarking strategies, and long history of participation in changing industries, works to seamlessly integrate new ideas to  your company’s culture and business leading to optimal results.

Corporate restructing

Building a GPS Roadmap

  • Document current processes

  • Identify barriers to success

  • Identify inefficiencies

  • Identify redundancies

  • Identify opportunities to streamline operations

  • Recommend process changes

  • Recommend improvements and new strategies



With experience across nearly every industry, Corporate GPS  has the team to help you assess, reassess, and ultimately achieve your goals.


  • REDUCE STRESS – it’ll be a relief having someone willing to listen and bounce ideas around with

  • Reframe your mindset – you’ll have someone who has your back to help you stick to new plans and goals

  • Learn new approaches to scale & grow

  • Shed the roles holding you back

Call for a Free Introductory Session  1-216-766-5791

What Makes Corporate GPS Different?

A clear and simple process to:

  • Create an objective perspective

  • Focus only what matters

  • Create proper systems to scale

  • Take back control

  • Gain clarity and define your purpose

  • Learn new approaches to run your business

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